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Vulnerability Assessment Service


Your Private
Personalized Platform

Plans Options

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A comprehensive platform tailored for small IT teams, security enthusiasts, and hobby projects
Starts at
Ideal for Small and Medium sized businesses seeking centralized security control and streamlined reporting capabilities
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Advanced features and capabilities from previous plans, along with expert verification for enhanced security measures


V Platform on Private Server
V Custom Findings Integration
V Metrics Dashboard
V Backup Options
V Regional Server Option
V Custom Reporting Features
V Accessible on Different Devices
V Full Control Over Vulnerability Elimination

V All in Lite Plan
+Automated Scanning
 - Assessment of Server Ports, APIs, and SSL/TSL Configurations
- Code Analysis for Websites
- Detection of XSS and SQL Injections

+Guidance for Mitigation
+Integration with Jira and GitHub
+Automation with Teams and Slack

V All in Standard Plan

+Additional Integration Options

- integration options with third-party tools and platforms

+Manual Assessment from Cyber Security Expert

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Strengthening Your Website

CyberArkitect Web Check

You will get comprehensive vulnerability assessments that will identify and address any potential vulnerabilities on your website. We will be assessing XSS, Server ports, APIs, SSL/TLS configuration and more to enhanced your website security.

Collaborate + Integrate

CyberArkitect Vulnerability Assessment

Our platform seamlessly integrates with leading services such as GitHub and JIRA. It also operates within environments like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email, enabling effortless notifications. Enjoy a user-friendly experience as you collaborate with your team to swiftly eliminate identified vulnerabilities.

Your Exclusive Platform

CyberArkitect Vulnerability Assessment

Each platform you access will be exclusively yours, residing securely in the cloud throughout your subscription. This approach guarantees that your data remains within your country of origin and is accessible only by you.

Get Full Control over Vulnerability Elimination

CyberArkitect Vulnerability Assessment

Our vulnerability platform ensures continuous tracking of vulnerability elimination progress. It provides visibility into resolved vulnerabilities, identified issues, and those requiring attention.

Is your Website Code Secure ?

CyberArkitect Web Safe Check

Your entire website code undergoes a comprehensive check, providing reports on misconfigurations, leaked private data, and JavaScript code. Rest assured, your website's code is thoroughly reviewed and secured.

We always Here for you

CyberArkitect Web Safe Check

Based on the severity of identified vulnerabilities on our platform, you'll receive tailored instructions for resolving issues. If you require additional information or guidance on addressing a vulnerability, our team is here to assist you.

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  • GitHub
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"In today's digital landscape, security is non-negotiable. The vulnerability assessment service not only pinpointed vulnerabilities in our system but also offered actionable insights for mitigation. It's like having a security expert on our team 24/7"

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