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E-Health Companies Cyber Attack Reports 2022
Assessing Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Trends in the E-Health, eCommerce and Insurance Sectors for 2022

The year 2022 marked a turbulent period in the cybersecurity landscape, particularly impacting sectors vital to our well-being, economy, and data-driven lives. E-health platforms, at the forefront of digital health services, were not immune. They faced an unprecedented number of cyberattacks. Web application hacking, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, backdoor infiltrations, malware infections, and configuration errors emerged as the primary vectors of these assaults.


The eCommerce sector, in the midst of rapid growth, experienced an influx of threat actors exploiting vulnerabilities in online retail infrastructure. Simultaneously, the healthcare sector navigated the complex cybersecurity implications of an expanding Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem and the adoption of emerging technologies. Amid this transformation, threat actors sought opportunities in this sector as well.


According to the IBM 'Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022', the financial ramifications of data breaches were substantial. Nevertheless, proactive organizations invested in security technologies like advanced threat detection and mitigation solutions to reduce risks. Amidst this landscape, organizations that engaged proactively in vulnerability assessments found themselves better equipped to identify and mitigate risks. In the face of an evolving and dynamic cybersecurity landscape, remaining vigilant, informed, and agile will be pivotal. Implementing best practices and leveraging security solutions, including vulnerability assessment services, will be instrumental in fortifying the healthcare, e-health, eCommerce, and insurance sectors against the diverse array of threats witnessed in 2022.


Website Vulnerability Assessment Service

Reports that have been used for this analysis:


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