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E-Health Companies Cyber Attack Reports 2020
Exploring Cyber Threats, Breaches, and Trends in the E-Health, eCommerce, and Insurance Sectors - 2020 Insights

With the healthcare sector handling sensitive patient data, it remained a prime target for cybercriminals in 2020. The sector faced a surge in cyberattacks, including ransomware and data breaches. Misconfigured cloud servers and the exploitation of known vulnerabilities were common attack vectors. Healthcare organizations recognized the need for robust security measures, including regular vulnerability assessments and incident response plans.


With more consumers relying on online shopping, e-commerce platforms have become lucrative targets for cybercriminals. E-skimming attacks, where attackers steal payment card information during online transactions, surged. Vulnerabilities in online shopping carts and payment gateways were exploited. Robust encryption, secure coding practices, and regular vulnerability assessments emerged as essential safeguards.


Despite the cybersecurity challenges posed by 2020, organizations in these sectors made significant strides in understanding and mitigating risks. Regular vulnerability assessments, threat intelligence integration, and proactive security measures were embraced as essential components of their cybersecurity strategies. As we move forward, staying informed about emerging threats and investing in robust security practices remains crucial in safeguarding.


Risks Mitigation


  • Perform regular vulnerability scans across your network and systems using the vulnerability assessment service

  • Train your staff on recognizing and reporting vulnerabilities

  • After applying patches, use the assessment service to validate that vulnerabilities have been successfully addressed

  • Maintain thorough records of vulnerability assessment reports, remediation actions, and compliance with security standards

  • Foster collaboration between security teams, IT personnel, and other departments


Website Vulnerability Assessment Service

Reports that have been used for this analysis:


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